American Legion honors veterans at Hillsboro Pioneer Cemetery


The American Legion Post No. 6 held a Memorial Day ceremony at the Pioneer Cemetery on Monday. Postal officers guided the practice of remembering and honoring attendees at this historic holiday.

Members of the Post 6 American Legion here in Hillsboro performed their annual Memorial Day service

“Today’s duty is of awesome significance,” said Commander Sheryl Loberger.

“We come together to honor our dead and deepen our reverence for their worth,” she added.

After a series of introductory remarks, the Postal Finance Officer Doug Lund recited Abraham Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg. It not only honored the war dead, but also reminded listeners of the importance of unity as our nation pursues the preservation of the freedoms for which soldiers died in battle.

Loberger then offered the opportunity to exercise such unity, inviting participants to participate in group prayer.

The post officers then collectively performed a ritual by laying a wreath of red poppies, “a token of our enduring memory”, Loberger acknowledged.

Rob Liebenowa post adjutant, concluded the memorial gathering with a traditional instrumental salute to the dead.

Although this year’s Memorial Day has passed, the practice of honoring fallen soldiers must not stop either.

Courtesy of David Bognerthe Pioneer Cemetery will soon have a catalog delimiting the burial places of individuals, inviting the public to navigate more easily in these places of memory and honor.


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