Connecticut woman’s body found outside Bronx cemetery with ‘multiple injections’ in buttocks


A Connecticut woman was found outside a Bronx cemetery with injections in her buttocks, police say.

Officials say two women claimed to have found Maxine Messam, 53, of Bridgeport, in a compromised condition outside Woodlawn Cemetery.

They say the two women brought her to NYC Health + Hospital/Jacobi just before 2 a.m. Tuesday.

They left it with his car in the hospital, where he was declared dead. Multiple injection wounds were found on Messam’s rear.

Officials say they don’t yet know if the injections found in her buttocks killed her. There is no word on what was injected into him.

News 12 spoke to a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Scot Glasberg, and he said he believes the injections were done illegally.

He added that there have been reports of these procedures being carried out in secret and that lower costs are motivating factors.

“We’ve heard about it, people doing it in hotels, people doing it in their garages, in their basements. A lot of times it’s not even a doctor, it’s people who don’t have no medical training,” Glasberg said.

He said silicone injections are not used at the same rate today by plastic surgeons for procedures involving the back.

Glasberg says anyone looking to do these kinds of procedures should do their homework, research the surgeon, and make sure they’re board-certified.


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