EverArk revolutionizes cemetery management with new software


State-of-the-art platform handles all business aspects at an affordable price

LA VEGAS, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Many industries have transitioned from paper to digital over the years, but the funeral industry was overdue for a technological revolution. Today, EverArk is launching its new cemetery management software at the ICCFA annual convention and exhibition in Vegas. The software will not only streamline funeral and cemetery management, but also allow friends and family to create unique online heirlooms to remember loved ones after they are gone.

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“EverArk is an effective tool for modernizing your cemetery operations by bringing everything together in one easy-to-use platform, giving your team more time to follow leads and build customer relationships,” said Greg Marmulak, CEO of EverArk. “The software is user friendly and employees don’t need to be tech savvy to quickly adopt and implement the product.”

No other cemetery management software has the features of EverArk, all at a very reasonable price. You can manage inventory, with interactive maps, sales, customers, records, and work orders with the tool, but EverArk offers unique features for cemetery managers, including:

  • Custom Workspace: a configurable landing page with all the personalized alerts and a company-wide calendar to manage the schedules of the whole team.

  • Graveyard Dashboard: a simplified way to track and manage your parcel inventory, your reservations and your customers in real time.

  • Automated invoicing for financing: Sell plots and pre-need services using the advanced financing capabilities of EverArk’s billing system.

  • Showcase online: with a unique e-commerce link that you can add to your website, you can sell your land and services online. If you don’t have a website, EverArk can publish and sell your plots for you through its own e-commerce site, called EverAfterly.

  • Legacy digital packages: With EverArk, you can take advantage of selling legacy digital packages alongside your plot sales and services.

For the customers:

Users can say goodbye to manually managing records, including paper maps and sales contracts, and rely on EverArk to bring accountability and collaboration to the sales and burial process.

“It’s easy to use and implement, even if you’re not computer literate,” said Stephanie Cocker, director of cemetery sales at Morgan Oaks Eternal Preserve, a cemetery that adopted an early version of EverArk. “It allows our team to focus on customer service and spend less time worrying about administrative tasks, which translates into more sales.”

EverArk is offering a 30-day free trial to all cemeteries so they can get a feel for the software and how easy it is to use. Standard beta pricing is $12 per user per month for the Pro plan which allows cemeteries to manage an unlimited number of gardens, plots and users. There is also a business plan for businesses managing multiple cemeteries.

The most attractive aspect for cemeteries to adopt EverArk is the possibility of selling Digital Legacy packages. EverArk offers an Individual and Family package that cemeteries can resell to customers and earn money from each sale. The minimum price is $299 and $499respectively, but cemeteries can sell them at their own price.

“No other cemetery management software offers a digital product that allows a cemetery to sell and make money,” Marmulak said. “The profit from the sale of legacy digital packages will far exceed the price of the software and create a new form of revenue for the cemetery. EverArk will truly revolutionize cemetery sales, both in terms of efficiency and results.”

About EverArk

EverArk is a cemetery management software and digital heirloom application. It is the first integrated software that meets all the needs of cemeteries and its customers – detailed dashboards, interactive plot mapping, inventory management, invoicing, work orders, records management, custom reports, commerce integration electronics and customer application with geolocation. It’s affordable, robust and easy-to-use software that cemeteries can implement themselves – get your free trial.

For more information visit us in line to https://www.everark.io and follow on Facebook at @EverArkSoftware.





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