Fairview Cemetery On-Screen Fundraiser Underway |



The Wyuka Historical Foundation, in association with Wyuka Cemetery and the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department, is planning the cooperative planting of an evergreen screen at Fairview Cemetery, located at 84th and Adams Streets and managed by Wyuka Cemetery. The Wyuka Historical Foundation is leading the fundraising efforts for the project.

The narrow limits of the Fairview property led to the selection of a planting site on the Mahoney golf course directly adjacent to the cemetery. A diverse line of evergreen trees such as pine, fir and spruce are predicted to adapt to the microclimate and to protect golf course maintenance facilities.

At the north end of Fairview, native shrubs will cover the dog park and add wildlife habitat. Mahoney Golf Course staff will mow and water the proposed trees, which have a smaller than usual planting stock that ensures quick set-up.

“Fairview reminds us of the past and the rural place it once stood near Havelock,” says Richard Sutton, Wyuka Historical Foundation board member leading the project. “The hustle and bustle of Lincoln now surrounds Fairview, but wandering inside takes us to discover old and new graves, veterans markers, glacial boulders, and tall and old trees. The graves will remain, but the trees and their shade, the windbreak and the enclosure have a fixed lifespan. Now is a good time to start replanting Fairview Cemetery for the future.

Donation checks should be made payable to the Wyuka Historical Foundation with the words “Tree Screen” in the memo line. The Wyuka Historical Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization, and all donations are tax deductible. Mail to: Wyuka 3600 O St. Cemetery, Lincoln, NE 68510.

For more information, contact Sutton at 402-309-0341 or [email protected]



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