Family upset by overgrowth and grass-covered headstones at Manasota Cemetery


BRADENTON, Fla. – A family said they were outraged by the state of a cemetery in Bradenton.

“It’s so heartbreaking because these people’s lives mattered,” said Dale Nadeau, whose sister is buried at Manasota Memorial Park in Bradenton.

For the past two days, Nadeau has used his hands, a rake, a brush and a bag to clean the headstones at Manasota Memorial Park.

“It’s the only expense, the only expense you have for a cemetery,” Nadeau said.

Nadeau said that after repeatedly complaining to management, the area around her sister’s grave was mowed, but dead grass covered many of the headstones.

“They don’t deserve this,” Nadeau said as he cleared the dead grass.

When ABC Action News cameras arrived, a field crew was mowing and weeding part of the large cemetery.

We contacted Manasota Memorial Park for comment, and they gave us this statement:

“We are committed to providing a serene and peaceful place for loved ones to pay their respects. We have regular lawn maintenance at Manasota Memorial Park, but unfortunately, for safety reasons, rain can slow us down significantly. We are doing everything we can to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We all have loved ones in Manasota, so we have a team fully invested in the property.

But Nadeau said she believes more should be done to keep headstones clear and to remember those who have died.

“These people lived and have people who loved them and want to come out and see them,” Nadeau said.


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