Hudson Valley man charged with throwing boat at local cemetery


If you are visiting the grave of a deceased family member or friend, you would normally not expect to see an abandoned boat lying in the middle of the cemetery. That’s exactly what officials say, as a Hudson Valley man has now been charged with the unusual offense of dumping an old boat in a cemetery.

This might be one of the weirdest headlines you’ll read this week.

Hudson Valley man charged with dumping boat

The Examiner News reports that the Warden of Union Valley Cemetery in Carmel contacted police on September 2 to say he had found the 19ft Sunbird Corsair ship left at the cemetery. The Carmel Police Department determined that the markings on the boat were intentionally removed in an effort to avoid being found, according to the examiner. Now the trail had started.

Police investigated the case over the past month, using a number of contacts and leads, which ultimately led them to a 43-year-old man from Mahopac. The examiner says the suspect finally confessed on October 3 and was charged with illegal dumping.

Man caught urinating on his ex’s grave in HV

This story from a few weeks ago captured national attention. Can you imagine holding a grudge for 48 whole years? Could you also imagine being so bitter that you felt the need to disrespect your ex, in the worst way possible, even after he died?

A family noticed that something looked rather odd on their mother’s grave. When the suspicious family members got permission to set up a camera at the Rockland County cemetery, they uncovered the shocking truth.

vindictive ex

The Daily Mail says a man who was briefly married to the now deceased woman and then divorced 48 years ago could be seen on camera getting out of an SUV and approaching the falls. Family members say the man then unzipped his pants and urinated on the grave, which is located at Tappan Reformed Church in Orangetown, footage appeared to show the same man coming up every morning to urinate on the same site.

The footage was posted on Facebook by the woman’s 43-year-old son. But the vindictive ex may not have just peed on the grave. The Daily Mail says the son first became suspicious when he found bags containing faeces near the site, on several visits.

The 66-year-old died in 2017 after a battle with cancer. Considering she’s been dead for 5 years, it’s unclear how many times her ex-husband has. It is not known how long they had been married or the circumstances of their divorce.

As anyone can imagine, the woman’s family is angry and extremely hurt by the shocking turn of events. Unfortunately, Orangetown police said they couldn’t do anything as there were no specific threats of physical violence.

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