In Sibu, police reports filed on the desecration of graves at the Chinese cemetery | Malaysia


Teo (left) inspects one of the desecrated graves. — Borneo Post photo

SIBU, April 5 – Police here have received four reports of the desecration of seven graves at the Bukit Aup Chinese Cemetery here.

Sibu’s acting police chief, Superintendent Dr Collin Babat, said he would investigate the cases from all angles.

“We will investigate the cases thoroughly,” he said when contacted.

Sibu United Chinese Graveyard Association President Teo Boon Siew urged family members of the deceased whose graves were desecrated to file police reports.

He said this was necessary to dispel doubts that some family members might have exhumed the graves and moved the remains of their loved ones elsewhere.

Teo said he has received calls and inquiries from members of the public urging the association to look into the matter urgently.

“We need to dispel doubt and that’s why we need all family members involved to file reports so that the police can investigate thoroughly and solve the case once and for all, and to prevent future events,” he added.

He condemned the act, saying whoever did it was disrespectful to the dead.

He also felt that the graves may have been desecrated more than two weeks ago as grass had started to grow where the coffins had been set on fire.

In Sunday’s incident, the remains of the seven desecrated graves were stolen and the coffins burned.

Two other graves in the same row were left untouched.

To add to the mystery of the heinous crime, all of the graves targeted were single lots, while the men and women buried are said to be unrelated.

Traces of tire remains were also found at the scene, possibly indicating that the culprits may have used tires to burn the coffins.

The purpose of the desecration remains unclear.

Late last month, a similar incident also occurred at Bukit Aup Cemetery, when a double-lot grave, where a husband and wife were buried over 40 years ago, was also desecrated. , the remains carried away and the coffins burned.

The couple’s son, who went to the cemetery to observe Qing Ming, was shocked to find that his parents’ grave had been desecrated.

He immediately called his family members and none of them knew about the incident, prompting them to file a police report. — Borneo Post


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