Large cemetery discovered in Ukraine in Russian-occupied territory, bodies of 440 people found


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Ukrainian Ministry of Defense confirms discovery of mass grave via tweet
440 bodies were found in the largest cemetery in the occupied Russian territory
Zelensky said in his speech that Russia leaves behind death everywhere

Kyiv, In the midst of the six-month-long Russian-Ukrainian war, the Ukrainian military claimed to have found a large cemetery in an area held by Russian forces. A mass grave containing 440 bodies has been discovered in the northeastern town of Izium, according to a Reuters report, in which many of those buried were killed in shelling and airstrikes. The report claimed that Russian troops had fled in recent days after capturing the city and using the area as a logistics hub for the Kharkiv region. Russian troops left behind a large amount of ammunition and weapons.

Along with this, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense also confirmed the burial via tweet. The Ministry of Defense said in its tweet that 440 bodies had been found in the largest cemetery in Russian-occupied territory. Along with this, the soldiers are engaged in the search for more hidden graves. Kharkiv region police chief Serhi Bolvinov told Sky News that some people were killed by artillery fire and others by airstrikes.

said war crime
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who visited Izium on Wednesday, said the uncovered graves were evidence of war crimes committed by the Russian military. Zelensky said in a video address Thursday evening that Russia was leaving behind dead people everywhere and should be held accountable. However, Russia has denied attacks on civilians.

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