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A mother from 100 Mile worries about new district regulations restricting what she can leave at her son’s grave.

Cindy Parent on Tuesday called on 100 Mile House District Council not to change its cemetery bylaw, which would prohibit people from leaving items other than flowers on the graves of loved ones between the months of May through October.

The move aims to allow cleaners to mow the grass around the graves without disturbing items left behind by mourners.

“I want to leave more than flowers for my son,” Parent said. “Grieving is a very complicated journey to go through. There are days when I walk past Tim Hortons and maybe I want to pick up his favorite tea and bring it to him. It’s really hard to be limited in how you grieve and what you’re allowed to do.

Parent’s son, Logan, committed suicide 18 months ago after suffering mental trauma from multiple concussions he suffered while riding bulls.

Parent, who held back tears during the delegation, suggested the district consider adding shelves to the cemetery where workers can place items while performing maintenance. She said the shelf would not need to be large and the family would put the items back on the headstones when visiting the cemetery.

Mayor Mitch Campsall thanked Parent for sharing his concerns and said staff would consider his proposal. However, he said he could not guarantee it would be implemented.

“I appreciate your time and I think you should be commended for that here,” Campsall said. “You are not ignored, I will tell you.”

Com. Ralph Fossum said he supported the idea of ​​the shelf, noting that he had visited the cemetery before the meeting and had seen at least 20 graves with artificial flower arrangements that technically would not be allowed in under the new regulations.

Parent added that the objects currently on his son’s grave would not interfere with the mowing of the lawn and that it would be difficult for him to remove them.

“Since he died, these items have been placed there and they belong to him. Honestly, it would break my heart to move them.

The council voted that evening to pass the amendment to Cemetery By-law No. 1384 2022.

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