Orton Roundup: Chickens in the Cemetery and Other News


Renegade chickens break into a Peterborough graveyard and claw graves.

The birds, including a rooster, were regularly seen at Orton Waterville Lawn Cemetery after crossing a broken fence nearby.

Members of the parish council contacted the owner of the neighboring property several times, but the fence was not repaired.

The town hall is examining the cost of the repairs, for the benefit of the cemetery and the users, because they have never received a response from the property.
Cllr President Jenny Farnham said at Wednesday’s meeting: ‘We knocked on doors, knocked on doors, yelled at them in the garden and wrote to the owners on several occasions.

A metal detector has been given the go-ahead to examine land across Orton Waterville for any potential finds.

The council owns land at the Gannocks and the man making the request is a member of the National Metal Detecting Council.

The councilor has been asked to clear the footpath near Sunningdale which is overgrown and to clear the woods of Napier Place which have been marred by discarded bottles.

Another bulky waste collection will take place in the spring in Orton Waterville, possibly just after St. George’s Day on April 23.

At least two sheds and four Christmas trees were dropped off at the previous one.

Two representatives of Orton Wistow’s Under Five group have asked the council for a £3,000 contribution for a Young Explorer wooden play area.

The current area has been in place for approximately 35 years and is suffering from wear and tear.

The new set will cost around £14,500, but the council was told the band had already received £8,000 from lottery funding and contributed £3,000 themselves.

The council will discuss a decision regarding funds and the removal of current play equipment at a later meeting, but Cllr Farnham also suggested that Peterborough City Council may have play equipment in stock which could be cheaper.

The next Orton Waterville Parish Council meeting will be February 23rd.


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