Rights group and Muslim association condemn mosque blast


The Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA) has condemned an explosion that occurred early Sunday morning outside a makeshift mosque in Patissia, central Athens, saying it targeted the imam.

No injuries were reported but material damage was noted, in particular to two cars. According to the Hellenic Police, the perpetrators used an improvised explosive device.

“The imam was inside when the bomb went off. They wanted him dead,” the group said, adding that the only reason he was saved from the blast was that he was protected by equipment and clothing he placed inside the cell. mosque to protect themselves from the cold while they sleep.

Investigators found metal screws and nuts, which the perpetrators had put inside the bomb in order to cause more damage.

“The target was obviously the Muslim place of worship, which immediately makes this explosion an act of terrorism. And as such, he should be investigated by the authorities,” the Muslim Association of Greece said in a statement.

Authorities are examining a hypothesis that the perpetrators were far-right extremists and what could be a worrying increase in the activities of neo-Nazi groups.


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