Sonoma Sister Cities Association raises funds for Kaniv, Ukraine


As the war between Russia and Ukraine rages on, the Sonoma Sister Cities Association has created a local donation page to support the residents of Kaniv, Ukraine, one of Sonoma’s Seven Sister Cities.

“One hundred percent of the funds raised will be spent on the humanitarian needs of the citizens of Kaniv, Ukraine, under the leadership of the mayor of Kaniv,” said the organization’s chief of protocol, Sherri Ferris.

According to Ferris, the association is in direct contact with the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco and received banking information to transfer the funds directly to the city of Kaniv, a city located 103 km from the country’s capital, kyiv. .

The donation page was set up on Feb. 26, two days after Russia invaded the Eastern European country, and 177 supporters had donated more than $34,000 as of Thursday.

The cities have been connected since 1987.

Sonoma Sister Cities Association is made up of volunteers who are dedicated to pursuing municipal, business, commercial, educational, humanitarian, social and cultural exchanges with foreign cities.

Besides Kaniv, the association maintains relations with Aswan in Egypt, Chamson in France, Greve in Italy, Patzcuaro in Mexico, Penglai in China and Tokaj in Hungary.

To donate to Kaniv, go to To learn more about the Sonoma Sister City Association, visit their Facebook page.


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