SPOOKY BENCHMARKS: Cry Baby Cemetery and Clarion Trestle | New



CLARION – A pair of hard-to-find County Clarion landmarks offer their fair share of spooky thrills.

For the brave at heart, a midnight trip to an old cemetery in the middle of nowhere is quite frightening.

But when the location is known as Cry Baby Cemetery, the horror is taken to the next level.

According to Mary Lea Lucas of the Clarion County Historical Society, Cry Baby Cemetery is located in Salem Township and is also known as St. Luke Cemetery, Pickwick Cemetery, and Triangle Cemetery.

“If you visit Cry Baby Cemetery when the moon is full, listen carefully and you might hear the babies screaming, and sometimes the gravestones bleed,” Lucas said.

She explained that in the early 1900s, “the fever claimed the lives of many children in the area, and according to legend this cemetery is haunted by twin babies who were separated in death by being buried by error on opposite sides of the small, rural cemetery. “

Lucas also said that another location in Clarion County, while not known to be officially haunted, still haunts the memories of those who have visited it over the years.

“The Clarion Trestle, spanning the Clarion River, is part of an abandoned railway line with creepy long tunnels at both ends of the bridge,” she said. “The old New York Central Railroad Bridge was built for the LS&MS NW branch of Pennsylvania. The heavily designed road was built to provide access to the area’s coal deposits, but was never in the way. live up to expectations. The very impressive high level bridge was built in 1908, updated in 1928 and abandoned in the 1980s. “

Lucas said the trestle is located south of Clarion with access from Piney Dam Road – but beware: visitors will have to climb a hill and go through a tunnel to get to the trestle.

“Proceed with caution!” Lucas said.



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