Surrey installs new cenotaph at Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery in time for Remembrance Day


THE The City of Surrey, in partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada and the Last Post Fund, has erected a new memorial garden at Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery. The project was launched this summer starting with the removal of the existing cenotaph, originally built in 1955, which showed structural weaknesses caused by natural elements and the passage of time.

“The freedoms we enjoy today are the result of the sacrifices made by Canada’s veterans,” said Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. “As each year passes, it is more important than ever to never forget. We are pleased that the new Memorial Garden Cenotaph at Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery was completed in time for the community to honor our Canadian Veterans on Remembrance Day.

The new memorial garden, designed by Dan Bellan Design, consists of three aluminum arches that appear to descend from the front and rise from the rear. The middle arch features a two-sided aluminum cladding over granite that provides an interpretation of the monument in both official languages. The three large open arches allow people to walk through reflecting on the sacrifices of Canadian and Allied veterans who served in times of war and peace.

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