The Delaware Avenue Neighborhood Association commissions a mural to beautify the entrance


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – If you drive down Glenstone, you might notice a new mural in the Delaware neighborhood.

Members of the neighborhood association got together and commissioned a painting of pink dogwood blossoms on a concrete wall to help spruce up the entrance. Dogwood flowers are the symbol of the Delaware Neighborhood Association. After the group got permission to paint the wall from the landlord and received the necessary permits to complete the project, the members began fundraising. The group was able to get some of the funds needed through a Go Fund Me page, but when that wasn’t enough, one owner took it upon themselves to get the rest of the money.

“I just scoured Glenstone and Sunshine to all the local businesses, asked for donations, and the people were amazing,” said owner Ray Burmood. “They did everything from $5 to $10 all the way up to $100.”

Once the money was collected, it only took about a week to complete the project.

“I was looking for something a bit impressionistic, like what I do in small paintings,” said artist Farley Lewis. “I think it went well. It brightens up the neighborhood.”

The concrete wall was considered an eyesore by members of the association, but it serves as a sign of welcome to visitors and an attraction for the region.

“Beauty is an invitation like a gateway to the divine,” Lewis said. “Whenever people see something beautiful, it can almost transport them, and people have authentic experiences when they see beautiful things.”

If you want to step out and see the painting up close, it’s located on Delaware Avenue next to Glenstone, behind the Lost and Found Bereavement Center.

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