Tree removal/pruning along U Street and West Lawn Cemetery in Gering | Local


Jordan Schlager drags a large tree branch through the snow as he cleans up broken branches from the weekend snowstorm at Legion Park in Gering in 2018.


GERING — Trees are an asset to our community and provide many benefits to residents and wildlife. Wherever possible, the City of Gering aims to preserve trees in its parks, trails and natural areas. When situations arise where trees have been planted in the wrong place or pose a risk to residents, it is the City’s practice to remove those trees in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, the Town of Gering needs to notify residents that a number of trees growing along the U Street pathway need to be removed or extensively pruned. Trees that require directional removal/pruning are growing in or under power lines owned by the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA). The height or spread of some of the trees is not in accordance with an agreement WAPA made with the City over 20 years ago.

WAPA permitted the planting of trees that would not exceed 15 feet in height. WAPA graciously allowed the trees to remain below the lines until they reached a height at which they began to encroach on the required clearance distance of 21 feet below the lines. The City fully respects WAPA and the work it must do to ensure electricity is available and reliable for those the utility serves.

In partnership with WAPA, it was determined that WAPA would proceed with the removal of the most problematic trees and that the City of Gering Electrical Department would work to directionally prune any trees that could potentially be held in place. deviation from the relief zone of 21 feet.


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