Warrnambool burials decline as cemeteries confidence turns to new ways of commemoration | Manning River Hours


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With the number of burials in cemeteries gradually decreasing, innovative and eco-friendly ideas for commemoration could soon use QR code slideshows, GPS identification for unmarked sites, or open space parks to celebrate the commemoration. loved ones. The cemeteries of Warrnambool in southwest Victoria are moving away from grand monuments and concrete rows, a change increasingly seen across the state. In 2012/13, there were 192 burials in Warrnambool, up from 156 in 2020/21. The burial of the ashes during this period has remained relatively unchanged. Warrnambool Cemetery Trust President Sheryl Nicolson said the trend towards lawn cemeteries and, more recently, low-rise headstones had been used to establish the new site of Tooram Memorial Park. “The WCT has recognized that in many cases the ashes are scattered across a range of sites and introduce concepts so that the deceased can be remembered, including individualized plaques, garden seats, artwork by memorial garden or trees. ”The WCT also has the vision power to move towards creating parks that families can use, not necessarily to mourn the loss of loved ones, but to use the space to celebrate people’s lives. deceased. a range of innovative ideas. “Some have started to approach the Trust with memorial concepts that blend better with the surroundings,” she said. “Some cemeteries have ‘natural’ burial sites where there is no gravestone or plaque and then reverts to its natural state.” The burial site is located simply by GPS coordinates. It is not yet something that has been adopted by the Warrnambool Cemetery Trust, but we are aware of the potential in the not too distant future. “IN OTHER NEWS: Ms Nicolson said that a more interesting suggestion seen at across the state could use QR codes in the not-so-distant future. “Another interesting concept available is the use of QR codes at memorial sites,” she said. “By scanning this QR code, you are redirected to a website where detailed information and photos regarding the life of that particular person may be stored. “



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