Williston Basin School District President Responds to Williston Education Association


WILLISTON, ND — Williston Basin School District No. 7 Board Chair Chris Jundt released a statement following a Williston Education Association press conference that called for his resignation.

In the statement, Jundt says he firmly refuses to resign from his post.

“Leaders don’t run the other way in the face of adversity. Leaders face these challenges head-on with a focus and conviction to do the right thing. The Williston community expects financial accountability and academic accountability, both of which have been sorely lacking in the school system for decades. says the statement.

Regarding the association’s claims that Jundt held closed meetings, made decisions in executive sessions and acted in bad faith during negotiations with teachers this summer, he said: “The executive sessions were properly noticed, properly called and properly held. Negotiations with the Williston Education Association were conducted in good faith.

Jundt said he had enormous respect for the work of teachers, but added that this did not give the association the right to force him to resign.

“My door is always open to anyone who wants to have a professional discussion about ways for us to move forward as a district in a positive way. I can’t wait for everyone to refocus their energy and efforts towards the academic success of our students, because that’s what everyone in this district should be doing! » concludes the statement.

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