Bridge, cemetery issues haunt road widening project



Design submitted by PWD (Bridges Wing) to KRFB held in abeyance, pending a decision on both aspects

The much delayed project to widen the Thammanam-Pullepady road and extend it to MG Road and the NH Bypass has been caught in another glitch, with a final decision expected on the construction of an upper bridge at Kathrikadavu and widening the road without disturbing a Jewish cemetery.

This has resulted in the alignment and design submitted over a month ago by the PWD (Bridges Wing) to the Kerala Road Fund Board (KRFB) being kept in abeyance, pending a final decision on the two key aspects. , we learn.

The three-decade-old proposal to develop the road to increase east-west connectivity to Kochi has gained momentum in recent months, with the Kochi Corporation, PWD and KRFB making joint efforts.

Faced with the possibility of worsening traffic jams in Kathrikadavu once the road is developed, the KRFB has started to study the feasibility of preparing an upper bridge connecting the east side of the Kathrikadavu junction which will end beyond the Jewish cemetery of the Western coast. However, stakeholders cite the need to acquire more space than what is required to develop the 22-meter road, at each end of the bridge, for service roads.

Mayor Anilkumar said the road development project is on track, although both aspects need to be addressed. “Another stakeholder inspection of the site will be carried out to find a way out and finalize the alignment near the cemetery,” he said.

Three or four design options should be presented at the next stakeholder meeting in a week’s time. The meeting is also expected to take a closer look at the proposed traffic intersections at Padma Junction and Chakkaraparambu, at each end of the 4 km road. The PWD had included their design in the Detailed Project Report (DPR). This will be followed by an inspection by officials of the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Board (KIIFB) for the approval of financial and technical sanctions. The boundary stones might need to be moved in a few places, depending on their suggestions on alignment.

Meanwhile, the Thammanam-Pullepady Vikasana Samiti road has sought measures to begin land acquisition in remote areas of Kathrikadavu, in order to save time.



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