Concerns persist over Park Lawn cemetery and mausoleum



EVANSVILLE, Indiana (WEHT) – When Eyewitness News first met Martha Stocker in September 2021, she raised concerns about water leaks, mold and neglected conditions at the Park Lawn Cemetery and Mausoleum in Evansville. Not only are the problems still there, but Stocker says they are getting worse.

“All I can see is the interior is deteriorating further. I see more water, ”Stocker says. She adds: “When I saw that, one day I will be there. You know, it’s awful.

Some new issues Stocker observed included cracks on one of the entrance doors to the mausoleum, in addition to other water and mold damage. Stocker has seen construction going on inside the facility, such as areas with stripped wallpaper. Despite signs of progress, Stocker fears that none of this would have happened if she hadn’t brought the issues to light.

“They wouldn’t have done anything if I hadn’t been agitated. And I believe it, ”Stocker says.

Although it is Stocker’s late husband as well as other relatives who rest inside the mausoleum, she says she feels responsible for fixing this issue for other families who may be affected, telling us that she takes this task personally.

“Seeing this water, physically, small drops are dripping. And it’s not my family, the ones in the woods. It’s not my family, it’s someone’s family, ”Stocker says.

Stocker says she won’t give up on this project and plans to register at the mausoleum site about once a week.


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