The supervisory board gives the green light for the Northwest cemetery; rejects residents’ appeal



BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – The battle against a cemetery in northwest Bakersfield continued today as county supervisors considered an appeal from residents. The only thing that died here are those who will call this new cemetery from now on, as plans to move forward with the development of Bakersfield’s only Catholic cemetery will continue.

“It could be a doable problem,” said Bishop Joseph V. Brennan. “And if that was a problem, we can work with our architects and find a solution.”

In July, residents near Allen and Renfro Roads were informed of the intention to set up a cemetery in their neighborhood. They have been invited to a hearing to voice their concerns. The inhabitants came out en masse.

A resident expressed her opposition, saying she had “spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their house which will now be next to a cemetery”.

The cemetery would be built near the Ashton Falls neighborhood in northwest Bakersfield, just east of Renfro Road. Concerns about safety, pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and the overall effects of having a cemetery close to the quiet suburban neighborhood were shared.

“Our neighborhood is still considered one of the safest areas in Bakersfield,” said Melody Ray, one of the residents who has actively represented her neighborhood.

After the approval of the proposal by the town planning commission in August, residents filed an appeal which was rejected Tuesday afternoon by supervisors. A huge loss for residents who are now weighing their options.

When the cemetery opens, strict rules will be in place. Among them, the restriction of funeral services between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Special plans will also have to be put in place to alleviate traffic jams.

It is not yet known when construction will begin.



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