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The VA National Cemetery Administration (NCA) is expanding access to funeral benefits to serve the San Francisco area by developing the Alameda Point National Cemetery, a columbarium-only cemetery, which will be part of the VA’s planned development of the former Naval Air Station Alameda Point. .

The first phase of Alameda Point National Cemetery will open with 25,000 niches and will have an eventual capacity of approximately 300,000 niches. Construction is expected to begin around 2023-2024. Alameda Point National Cemetery is designed to have the capacity to serve veterans and eligible family members for the next 100 years or more.

NCA Urban Initiative

Alameda Point National Cemetery is part of the NCA’s Urban Initiative, which is a program to improve access to funeral benefits in certain densely populated areas to better serve veterans, their spouses and families. In some of the largest urban areas served by VA—the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Indianapolis—the nearest national cemeteries are more than 60 miles away. The two San Francisco Bay Area VA cemeteries, Golden Gate and San Francisco National Cemeteries, are closed to new burials.

Open Cemeteries that Serve the San Francisco Bay Area

Until Alameda Point National Cemetery opens, the two closest open VA cemeteries are Sacramento Valley National Cemetery and San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery.

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery
5810 Midway Road, Dixon, CA 95620
707-693-2460 | Website
The cemetery offers the following burial options: casket, urn (ground or columbarium), ossuary and memorial wall.

San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery
32053 West McCabe Road, Santa Nella, CA 95322
209-854-1040 | Website
The cemetery can accommodate the remains collected and cremated (in the ground or in a columbarium).

VA funeral benefits and memorial items
VA Burial Benefits can help service members, veterans, and their family members plan and pay for a burial or memorial service at a VA National Cemetery. Family members can also order commemorative items to honor a veteran’s service. Find out how to claim burial benefits you’ve earned and how to plan a funeral ahead of time or when needed.

Important telephone numbers
National Cemetery Planning Office: 800-535-1117
Headstones and markers: 800-697-6947
VA Benefits Hotline: 800-827-1000

Helpful Links to VA Funeral and Memorial Benefits
VA Funeral and Memorial Service Video
Funeral services
Pre-Determination of Eligibility for Burial
Plan a funeral

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a reservation for a burial at Alameda Point National Cemetery?
No, the National Cemetery Administration schedules services when needed. We have an Advance Burial Eligibility Determination Program to assist anyone who would like to know if they are eligible for burial in a VA National Cemetery. VA promotes pre-needs eligibility determinations to encourage veterans and eligible family members to plan ahead for the use of VA funeral benefits that veterans have earned through their military service. Planning ahead for the death of a Veteran or loved one can eliminate unnecessary delays and reduce stress for a family at a difficult time. For more information and to apply online, go to the Pre-Needs Eligibility website.

What burial options will be available at Alameda Point?
Alameda Point National Cemetery is an above ground cremation facility that will serve veterans and eligible family members in the San Francisco Bay Area for decades to come. The cemetery can only accept urns.

What is a columbarium?
A columbarium is an above-ground structure designed for the interment of cremated remains in a niche 10 ½” x 15″ x 20″ deep, measured to the face. The columbarium unit is usually two-sided for more efficiency with numbered rows and columns identifying each individual niche.
The Columbarium is a precast concrete structure with footings. The structure is clad in brick, block, stone, granite, or precast veneer, a material similar to other structures in the cemetery. Niche blankets are provided by the National Cemetery Administration, Memorial Programs Service (MPS).

Can I still be buried at Alameda Point National Cemetery if I don’t want to be cremated?
No, Alameda Point is a cremation only cemetery. The Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley National Cemeteries offer alternate burial options for veterans and their family members who choose an alternate burial option.

My loved one is buried in another VA National Cemetery. Can I move them to Alameda Point National Cemetery once the cemetery is open?
We consider all burials final, however, families may go through the exhumation process at their own expense to relocate their loved one. For more information, visit NCA exhumation page.

When will Alameda Point be open for burials?
We plan to open Alameda Point National Cemetery in late 2025.

How many niche spaces will be available at Alameda Point National Cemetery?
Alameda Point will initially open with 25,000 doghouses and have an approximate final capacity of 300,000.

Can spouses be buried in a VA National Cemetery?
Yes, a veteran’s spouse, minor children and, under certain conditions, disabled unmarried adult children (if diagnosed before age 21 or age 23 if enrolled in college) , may also be eligible for burial, even if they predecease the Veteran.

Who can be buried at Alameda Point National Cemetery?
Eligibility for Alameda Point National Cemetery is the same as for any other VA National Cemetery. Burial in a VA National Cemetery is open to all members of the armed forces and veterans who have met minimum active duty requirements, if any, and have been discharged on terms other than dishonorable. Members of the reserve elements of the Armed Forces who die on active duty or who die on training duty, under certain circumstances, are also eligible for burial, as are service members and former service members who were eligible retired at the time. of their death.

A veteran’s spouse, minor children, and, under certain conditions, unmarried adult children with disabilities (if diagnosed before age 21 or age 23 if enrolled in college), may also be eligible for burial, even if they predecease the veteran.

Go to the eligibility page for more information on eligibility for specific groups and exclusion factors.

How do I schedule a service at Alameda Point National Cemetery?
Planning is easy. Fax all discharge documents to the National Cemetery Planning Office at 866-900-6417 and follow up by phone at 800-535-1117. You can also scan and email all release documents to the NCA Planning Office. For more information, visit the burials and memorials page.

Does the VA cover funeral expenses?
The Veteran’s family should make funeral or cremation arrangements with a funeral service provider or cremation office. Any items or services obtained from a funeral home or cremation office will be at the expense of the family. The VA provides a Burial Allowance for Reimbursement to help cover burial, funeral, and transportation costs for Veterans who meet specific requirements. For more information and to request reimbursement, go to the Veterans Funeral Benefit page.


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