Group affected by the conditions of Park Lawn Cemetery



EVANSVILLE, Indiana (WEHT) – A group of upset people gathered at Park Lawn Cemetery in Evansville on Saturday, claiming the plots had been neglected.

Many of them held up signs, some saying “let our loved ones rest in peace”.

Protesters said at one point the grass was so tall it came to their knees.

A woman told us that her son’s gravestone was vandalized last year on his birthday. She said when he was replaced he was put in the wrong place.

“I have been waiting 388 days for answers on my son’s situation, but the only answer is that there is nothing they can tell me at the moment. I have to wait for the current owner to contact me, and they are located in Pennsylvania, ”Tammy Miles said.

“The gravestones have not been maintained. The keepsakes people bring back here were all picked up and pushed to the side of the fence. They have an entry now that says they are doing the fall cleanup and we can’t get our memories back until November 1st. But when we go to see exactly where they are, they’re buried in the ground where they take an excavator and are just buried on top of everything. “

We have contacted the management of the cemetery and are awaiting a response.

Even though the city does not own the cemetery, Miles said she asked the city council for help.



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