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The Crematorium and Lawn Cemetery in Innes Gardens Memorial Park are no longer the property of the Council. The sale marks the end of a process that began with testing market interest in the potential sale or lease of the facility at Philip Charley Drive. This decision proved controversial with a petition and a protest. The Port Macquarie-Hastings council decided in August 2019 to negotiate the terms and enter into a sales contract for the Innes Gardens Memorial Park Lawn Crematorium and Cemetery. The sale closed on July 1, 2020. The new owner is Innes Gardens Memorial Park Holdings, which is part of the Walker Funeral Group. The Walker Funeral Group, as part of the sales contract, has also committed to invest in capital improvements to the facility over the next 12 months. Any pre-paid perpetual burials, interment rights or cremation rights already granted by the council will be transferred and honored. Board Director Rebecca Olsen said the Walker Funeral Group investment, which would include the proposed construction of an on-site function center and general upgrades to the existing facility, would ensure the best possible continued service delivery. cremation, lawn cemetery and remembrance. “Throughout the sales process, Walker Funeral Group has demonstrated its commitment to improving the current level of service and expanding the range of facilities and services available to our community,” said Ms. Olsen. “The community consultation identified a number of things that were important to our community, including the continued operation of the site as a lawn crematorium and graveyard, the ongoing maintenance and protection of graves and remains. cremation, compliance with existing reservations and pre-paid burials, and “These important elements, as well as the protection of the existing koala habitat at the site, have been addressed by the terms of the sales contract. Walker Funeral Group owners David and Melissa Walker have said they intend to continue operating Innes Gardens Memorial Park as a public facility. “We understand the importance of providing the community with access to affordable burial and cremation options, and believe that we can strengthen and improve existing services, through the careful deployment of capital, offering different styles of commemoration, and mostly an integrated on-site refreshment bar and café, “said Walker Sai re.” Operationally we will see minimal changes to the current processes and procedures with the current staff remaining the same. “We have relied on their knowledge and will continue to do so in the future. “We thank them and the board for their help with the transition. Innes Gardens Memorial Park includes a 150-seat chapel, administrative offices, extensive grounds and Memorial Gardens It offers a range of crematorium, lawn cemetery and commemoration services to the community in conjunction with the funeral services provided by ar the local funeral directors. Hastings District Regional Funeral and Cremation Service Director Brian Hutchison believes Innes Gardens Memorial Park should have remained the property of the council. “I just hope it works for the community,” he said. Mid Coast Funeral and Cremation Service echoed Mr. Hutchison’s point of view. Brendan Nugent of Mark G Hammond Funeral Services and Wauchope and District Funerals said he was encouraged by the new owner’s future plans to offer more options to families and by their agreement to honor prepaid arrangements. Mr Nugent was critical of the board’s communication process leading up to the finalization of the sale, but was pleased with the new owner’s communication with the funeral directors. The proceeds of the sale will be placed in a reserve to finance future projects and / or municipal services. The council continues to manage 11 cemeteries. What else does the news do, sports? Thank you for promoting local journalism with your subscription. While you’re with us, you can also receive updates straight to your inbox from Port Macquarie News. To be up to date with all the news, sign up here.




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