Letter: Dissatisfied with the maintenance of the cemetery | Letters to the Editor


If you are unhappy with the maintenance of the lawn at Holy Family Cemetery located on Waverly Road in Davenport, please call 563-322-4438 and ask to speak to someone who is on the Board of Directors of the Holy Family Cemetery, which is responsible for this cemetery.

Since it was contracted many years ago to a ‘landscape and maintenance’ company in Bettendorf, the upkeep has been significantly less than acceptable. If you visited the cemetery on Memorial Day, you found the grass 7 inches high and lots of long dead grass around the headstones. As bad as it sounds, if you had visited the cemetery a week before, you would have found that the flat headstones could not be seen at all and the headstones were covered with 50-75% tall grass.

For years people have been bringing their own mowers/edgers and doing their own maintenance in order to give their relatives and friends who have passed the respect they deserve.

Why is this contract continually being renewed when obviously this company has been doing a despicable job for years? I suggest going back to internal employees who were doing this maintenance before outsourcing. The Council must step up and do its job, and we must remind them that all people must be afforded dignity and respect in death at all times and not just a half-hearted attempt on vacation.

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