Patrick Rose, the former president of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, pleads guilty to child rape charges


The former head of the Boston Police Patrol Association, charged with child rape, pleaded guilty to “monstrous and monstrous acts” on Monday.

Patrick Rose, 67, longtime president of the city’s police union, now faces 10 to 13 years in prison and 10 years of probation as a result of the plea deal.

Rose pleaded guilty on Monday to 21 counts of child rape and sexual assault over a period of 27 years. Six victims had come forward.

“We can only hope that this appeal today provides some level of healing and recovery” for the victims, Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden told reporters after the hearing. “Everyone who was in this courtroom today knows the immense courage, fortitude and bravery they have withstood throughout this horrific incident.

“These are monstrous, monstrous acts,” he added.

Rose was investigated for similar charges in 1995 and a police internal affairs review confirmed the allegations. Despite these discoveries, Rose remained in the force and later served as union president.

Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association President Larry Calderone said in a statement, “While there is no punishment or sentence too severe for a man guilty of the atrocious crimes committed by Pat Rose, we hope that Today’s decision will bring some comfort, closure and vindication to the victims and their families.

Prosecutor Audrey Mark noted Rose’s position and her violation of the children’s trust.

“He had the trust of those kids from the start,” Mark said. “He didn’t need to win it. Because of his position, he had their confidence. And he violated their trust again and again. He violated their bodies.

“And these children, and these adult survivors, will live with this trauma for the rest of their lives,” added the prosecutor.

Several of Rose’s six victims gave victim impact statements.

One of the victims spoke of the “feeling of dead soul emotional pain” the victim felt as a result of the abuse.

“I saw you for what you really are – a coward, a predator of the weak and helpless,” the victim said.

Another victim said of Rose: “Your reputation? Absolutely gone. All you will remember will be another creep that has nothing going for it. Your job as a cop protecting people? Well, that’s really quite ironic, isn’t it? »

Last year, the city’s legal department, under acting mayor Kim Janey, reviewed Rose’s internal affairs file.

“…It is clear that the former leaders of the police department neglected their duty to protect and to serve,” Janey’s office said at the time. “Despite a 1996 Internal Affairs investigation that found credible evidence to support the allegation against Rose of sexually assaulting a minor, it appears the police department made no attempt to fire him.”


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