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May 5, 2022 0 comments

A special piece of art that has been in the community for over 10 years has recently been moved.

Project Angel Group successfully moved and reinstalled the wooden angel sculpture at Forest Lawn Cemetery on Sunday, May 1.

This fixture in Forest Lawn Cemetery was first unveiled in September 2012. Due to severe weather and deterioration of the foundations, it was necessary to restore them both.

The original sculptor, Jim Menken, provided advice and expertise in restoring the Angel sculpture.

The original sculpture was funded through the generosity and matching funds of Scotiabank. Matching funds are no longer supported, but the restoration and reinstallation of the Angel sculpture, including the concrete foundation and other materials, has been provided through the generosity of residents and other businesses in the community.

“The presence of the Angel sculpture has brought peace to many visitors paying respects to their loved ones at Forest Lawn,” Project Angel Group said in a recent press release.

The relocation and relocation have been brought closer to the resting places of Monique and Daniel Babineau in the St. Peter section of Forest Lawn Cemetery.

The siblings tragically died in 1984.


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