Romsey dog ​​owner feared for life when dogs were attacked at Woodley Cemetery


TWO dogs left off-leash in a cemetery cost a couple almost £500 at the vet to save their burrow.

A Romsey couple were walking their dog and visiting a relative’s grave when their dog was attacked by an Alsatian and a Rottweiler at Woodley Cemetery in Braishfield Road.

Despite a sign at the entrance saying ‘please keep your dog on a leash at all times’, the culprit owner had let his dogs run free and tossed a ball at them before turning away to a much smaller dog and his owner.

Hampshire Chronicle:

The Tibetan terrier was left shaking, bloody and in need of veterinary attention. The damage was equivalent to a £475 vet bill covering sedation, treatment, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, a large anti-inflammatory collar and medicated cream to help heal bite wounds and puncture wounds.

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Hampshire Chronicle:

Vets, at the Milbrook Road service, calmed and shaved the dog so they could fully examine the damage. Most of the injuries sustained were to the rear of the dog and will require special attention during follow-up appointments.

The couple reported the incident, which happened on Thursday evening September 29, to police and the Test Valley dog ​​sitter who recorded the matter and said they would try to find the culprit.

Dog owner Romsey, who asked to remain anonymous, said: ‘Woodley Cemetery is a place where people go to see their loved ones. You wouldn’t expect to see two large dogs with their owner throwing a ball, pulling them off the leash and then running towards you and attacking you and your dog.

“It was so quick. It could have been so much worse than it was, it was only the fact that I got to kick his dogs a couple of times and got knocked down, so I protected my dog ​​as best I could.

“I thought we were going to die. I thought those dogs were going to get me. When I fell, that’s what kind of protected me and my dog. It was scary to see those two dogs growling, biting, barking and growling. If I had a gun, I would have shot them because they were completely out of control.

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When the pair of dogs began to attack, the walker’s wife yelled at the other owner “why aren’t these dogs on leashes, they need muzzles” but received no response.

The couple are now asking anyone who might know the dogs and the owner to come forward. They added: “These dogs are dangerous. It could very well have been my grandchildren and we could have a completely different story.

“The cemetery should be a safe place, a place of peace, solitude and a place where people can collect memories.”

A Test Valley Borough Council spokesperson said: ‘This was an incredibly upsetting incident for the gentleman and his dog. This is an ongoing investigation and anyone with information about the identity of the dog’s owner is asked to contact Test Valley Borough Council on 01264 368000.

“It is important that dog owners act responsibly and put measures in place to ensure their dogs are under control.

“When dogs are out of control and a dog has been injured, Test Valley Borough Council works with dog owners and other agencies, including Hampshire Police, to ensure action is taken. in place to reduce the likelihood of a similar incident happening again.

“In more serious incidents, where injury to a person occurs, or a repeat offender is involved, Hampshire Police will normally lead the investigation.”


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