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By Lt. Col. Allen West

The US Army motto is “This We Will Defend”. In the modern armed forces of the United States Army, we all take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. That’s what sets our military apart from everyone else in the world – the oath we take. And honestly, for us as veterans, that oath should never end.

Our military are charged with being the guardians of our constitutional republic, the instrument for protecting our national security. They stand, and many of you reading this have stood, on the ramparts of freedom, on watch, on patrol, Semper Paratus (Ever Ready) to answer the call when our Nation is in need.

However, today there is growing concern about the readiness, and even the direction, of our current armed forces. The recent news that our troops are not meeting their recruiting targets is very disconcerting. We heard about this before, after the Vietnam War, when many were concerned about all-volunteer force. But this current episode of declining recruitment is for a completely different reason.

Our young men and women are not in favor of joining a “woke” military that advances progressive socialist ideological agendas that are anathema to military culture.

First, consider the issue of releasing members of the military for refusing to take the COVID “blow”. Those of us who have served know full well that prior to deployments to certain areas there were vaccines that had to be taken for certain illnesses. However, the COVID vaccine imposed on the military is an experimental vaccine that does not meet the military’s own guidelines.

There was no major preparedness risk for our military from a virus that has a 99.5% recovery rate. The military were, in fact, less at risk than the general population because they don’t have the same comorbidities, such as obesity and heart disease, and they aren’t old. In fact, evidence has shown that more servicemen have adverse reactions, especially heart problems, from the jab. And now we know vaccines didn’t prevent COVID.

Yet our senior civilian and military leaders have fired highly trained troops and refused religious exemptions. There have been some 6,000 active duty soldiers fired, some under threat of dishonorable discharge, as well as some 60,000 National Guard soldiers who have their pay and benefits cut, all because they refused. the shot – talk about coercive tactics.

And we all know that the whole vaccine mandate decree came about during the debacle in Afghanistan. Afghanistan will go down as the greatest strategic, operational, and tactical mistake in US history. The deaths of thirteen Marines, sailors and soldiers did not have to happen. The fact that we have brought back to power the very people our men and women had fought so hard to drive from the battlefield was a slap in the face to those who served in Afghanistan…and sent a message to those who would join our army.

The main reason we don’t see our armed forces meeting their recruiting targets must be the infiltration of Cultural Marxism into the military. The fact that critical race theory has found its way into our armed forces is very disturbing. How can you build a cohesive fighting force by telling one group that they are oppressors and the other that they are oppressed?

Along with this, the recent US Navy video discussing the use of proper pronouns is inadmissible. I thought it was a parody of Babylon Bee. Combine that with wanting to reawaken gender dysphoria where service members are allowed to determine the gender they want on their ID card and must be treated as such. And most recently, the Secretary of Defense, someone I served with at Ft. Bragg, said troops just have to get used to having gender dysphoric troops in the bathroom with them, even though they haven’t gone through any transitions…and yes, the American taxpayer is paying for those transitions.

That’s right, female troops have to shower with biological men in the military. Our army is being used as a leftist social engineering project.

All of this comes as our number one geopolitical enemy, China, has launched its third aircraft carrier. This comes as America has its smallest naval fleet in its modern history. We’ve gone from President Reagan’s navy of 600 ships to less than 300. We’ve had more designated illegal immigrants “fleeing” to America in the last 18 months than we have active duty soldiers and marines. currently in service!

Once upon a time in America, young men who were not of age lied to serve their Nation. Today we find ourselves in a situation in America where the recruiting base does not meet the minimum standards to serve this nation in uniform. This has led current military leaders to waive high school graduation requirements.

I witness all of this happen with a broken heart. In my family, there has been a long line of men who have served this Nation. Our family legacy of service began with my father in World War II, my older brother who was a Navy infantryman (oops, I can’t say infantryman anymore), my 22 years of service, and my nephew who is currently a Lt. Col. . Even in our extended family, that legacy exists – my stepfather served in the military for 24 years with two tours of duty in Vietnam. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Our oldest daughter’s husband has served 13 years in the U.S. Army Reserve, and as I write this article, our youngest daughter’s husband is in Army Basic Training at Ft. Jackson South Carolina. He will graduate at the end of July.

Why do we see these troubling things happening in our armed forces? Maybe it’s because 45 to 50 years ago, the percentage of congressmen who had served in our military was over 70%. Today, that percentage is down to around 17-18%. Once upon a time, this nation did not consider someone as president who had never served our nation in uniform, it was the model created by our first general and president, George Washington.

Our military serves a greater and higher purpose for this nation, the profit margin is not in dollars but in lives. The military does not swear an oath to any person or political party or political ideology. If we continue down this path, the threat to our national security grows exponentially.

And the joy of our enemies increases in the same measure.

Today, our nation needs its veterans more than ever to stand up, speak out, and continue to support and defend our Constitution. This is why the American Union for Constitutional Rights has the Support and Advocacy Committee. We need more of our veterans to accept their oath and continue their service in other aspects of our Constitutional Republic. Our call to serve never ends!

Unwavering and Faithful.

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