Tormented families at Ayr Cemetery demand ‘public apology’ from council for investigation into water seepage


Tormented families in Ayr Cemetery affected by an investigation into ‘water seepage’ graves have criticized South Ayrshire Council for failing to publicly apologize for their suffering.

Families who fear their loved ones are ‘floating in the water’ at Ayr cemetery have furiously attacked council leaders over their communication as they face an agonizing wait for answers.

They claim that not once in a public statement has South Ayrshire Council apologized following the shocking revelation that graves were leaking water.

At least 20 families still don’t know if the graves of their loved ones are filled with water.

Now a ‘next steps’ report is set to last a painful four weeks as families face more uncertainty.

Danielle Burns, 30, buried her father Joseph Burns in 2019 in the section of the chamber where his dreaded graves are touched.

Mother Ayr is one of the families eagerly waiting to hear what might be next.

She told Ayrshire Live: ‘Why hasn’t the council publicly apologized?

“This has really been a mess, it behooves the council to come out and apologize for this mess.

“Another week has passed and we haven’t heard anything, no updates, no letters.

“Every time we get a letter, you can tell it’s just a cut-and-paste job being sent out to everyone.

“Why didn’t they sit down and talk to the families individually.

“Even a phone call would be much better to explain to us exactly what is going on.”

South Ayrshire Council said it apologized directly to the families affected in a January 21 letter.

A council spokesman said: “We know this has been extremely distressing for the families involved and we have been in direct contact with the owners of the lair throughout.

“In a letter sent to the owners of the den on January 21, 2022, we acknowledged that we fully appreciate how distressing this will be for the families whose loved ones are buried in the chambers of the Ayr Cemetery Extension.

Martin Dowey has been contacted by concerned voters.

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“We also offered our sincere apologies for what happened and for any distress and upset it may have caused.

“These chambers have been installed on the basis that they are water and airtight and all appropriate permits have been obtained to meet legal requirements.

Martin Dowey, Leader of the Council’s Conservative Opposition, said: “A number of constituents have been in contact over this very distressing issue.

“Obviously, resolving the issue as quickly and as delicately as possible should be the board’s priority.

“But it is concerning that they have not seen fit so far to issue a public apology to the many loved ones who with each passing day suffer more from this incident.”

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