Vandals steal and scatter Anzac Day crosses at Levin Cemetery


The white crosses were stolen from the graves in Levin Avenue Cemetery.

White crosses adorning the graves of veterans in Levin were stolen and scattered just days before Anzac Day celebrations this week.

Levin RSA historian Linda Fletcher said the crosses were erected each year a week before Anzac Day by RSA members and their families – children and grandchildren of those who fought in the conflict.

“I’m really disappointed…why would you? It’s mind-blowing,” she said.

“The RSA is appalled that someone is doing this. Where is the respect for our service men and women who have served our country so that the very people who vandalize the RSA’s Anzac tribute can have the lives we enjoy today?”

While the 10 missing crosses were only a small percentage of the 1,800 crosses erected on graves at Avenue Cemetery this year, other crosses were found torn down and scattered around.

The Levin Fire Department also placed 14 of the white crosses representing the men of the brigade who served in World War I on the station lawn, only for them to be removed and dispersed as well.

White crosses were torn from servicemen's graves at Avenue Cemetery just before Anzac Day.
White crosses were torn from servicemen’s graves at Avenue Cemetery just before Anzac Day.

Initially, the women’s section of the Levin RSA made bouquets each year to adorn the graves. Three years ago, crosses were made to replace the bouquet and were placed on graves at Tiro Tiro Rd Military Cemetery and on graves at Avenue Cemetery.

Fletcher said the crosses were symbolic during a time of commemoration.

“They are really beautiful,” she said.

Stealing the crosses was pointless as they were unique to Levin RSA.

“If you have them, please return them to the RSA,” she said.


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