YouTuber sends delivery boy to graveyard



Compiled by C. ARUNO and JUSTIN ZACK

A MALAYSIAN YouTuber has been criticized online after discovering he pranked a food delivery boy by sending him to a cemetery, China Press reported.

The frustrated delivery man posted screenshots online of his WhatsApp conversation with the YouTuber who asked him to send food to a man allegedly named Guo last Friday.

He suspected something was wrong when he arrived at the memorial park.

Apparently the YouTuber wrote, “It’s so funny. Do you mind being on YouTube? It’s a joke.

The delivery boy told him that he shouldn’t play such pranks, even if he was rich.

“Does that mean that if you are rich you are allowed to play pranks on others?” Please don’t intimidate us who choose to work hard.

“Do you think sending someone (to the cemetery) is fun?” Will it bring you a lot of views? Will people appreciate your content? The delivery man wrote in response.

In an attempt to fix the issue, the YouTuber transferred 5,000 RM to the delivery guy.

Many netizens criticized the YouTuber for his behavior.

However, others also wondered why the delivery guy accepted the RM5,000 despite his anger.

Actress Gong Li attends the red carpet arrivals for the 11th Beijing International Film Festival held in the outskirts of Beijing, China on Monday, September 20, 2021. (AP Photo / Ng Han Guan)

> Chinese-born actress Gong Li is reportedly renouncing her Singaporean nationality following criticism from Chinese netizens, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Gong, 55, obtained Singaporean citizenship in 2008. She married a Singaporean tobacco tycoon in 1996. They divorced in 2010, but Gong retained her Singaporean citizenship.

Gong, who is now married to French musician Jean-Michel Jarre, has been criticized for “making Chinese money while refusing to be identified as such”.

This latest news has managed to please many Chinese nationals.

“It’s not too late to come back,” someone wrote.

Besides Gong Li, Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse reportedly renounced his Canadian citizenship last month.

It happened after public criticism emerged that these Chinese celebrities were unpatriotic.

Veteran actress Maria Cordero also said she intended to do the same by renouncing her Portuguese nationality, saying it was “the right thing to do” if one wishes to pursue a career in China.

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